Introduction to Ethics

To all students that enrolled in the Phil 2600 course for Spring 2018, welcome!

Due to the email sent with the exam not being received by the majority, if not all, of the students, here is the plan for the last assignments for the course.

There will be no final exam and you will receive a 100 as you did on Exam II.  Tough decision, but seems to be the most fair.

Send me your essay via email to or by May 2, no later!  For those that have forgot, the argumentative essay must be 5 to 7 pages long, double-spaced and typed.  The topic is of your choice.  However, do not forget that it is a thesis defense paper (argumentative essay).

You DO NOT have to come to class May 2 since I will be returning to Colorado.

I will send a spreadsheet May 6 or 7 to your BC email.  This will show your grades for the course.

If anyone has any questions or issues, please contact me via one of the email addresses above or send me a text.  (My phone number is in the email I sent April 27.)

Thank you all for a great experience with my final Philosphy Course.  I have retired from teaching.

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  1. thank you for everything professor ! your the have a good one