Introduction to Ethics

To all students that enroll int he Phil 2600 course for Fall 2013, welcome!

Morality plays a role in each and every interaction you have in the world.  For example, when interacting with another person, there is a moral dimension.  When interacting with the planet itself, there is a moral dimension.  The question all of us ask, even though it may be asked sub-soncsciously, is what is the right or wrong to do in this interaction?

More to come....

Faculty Introduction

Jay Buick has studied and taught philosophy for over 20 years.  He
has taught courses ranging from metaphysics to epistemology to ethics
and critical thinking.  Jay writes about what it is to be human.  A
human’s beliefs of what humans are leads to what humans believe the
world is and how humans ought to act in that world.  In other words,
this is right for this and wrong for that; that is right for that and
wrong for this.  It appears to follow or precede that there is one
universal truth and humans must accept there state of freedom.

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