Thursday, May 22, 2014

I never seem to be capable of grasping me. 

Me is that space and time where you and I inter-act. 

As I encounter the world and the stuff of the world, I am constantly reminded that me is there.  I walk by a glass building and there me is in the glass.  I walk into a restaurant and me is greeted and seated by the host.  But I am here too, I say but not heard.  I stand in a crowded room and me sits in the corner while I ‘inter-act’ with the crowd.  The me’s ‘inter-action’ is judged by others and I. 

At first read, it seems that this may be gibberish, but in all actuality, it is quite simple to understand.  When asking what and why you are, you quickly uncover that there seems to be a split in what you are.  There is the private component that you can conceal to the outside, this I-perspective, unique and apparently autonomous.  But, there is this shadowy component that appears when you inter-act with others and the world, this me-perspective, not unique and apparently heteronomous.  Concerning the world, I can fly and soar like an eagle, but me will fall like a sack of bricks due to the world and what it consists of.  Concerning others, I believe that the truth is knowable and know what is best, but me is judged as dogmatic and close-minded.  With both these encounters, a distinction or split appears and it is a difference between what I think am and what me is perceived or judged as.  The simplicity of grasping this split between I and me is not gibberish after all.  All it requires is some honesty and genuine awareness of what and who you are. 

You see me has a head while I am headless.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

We all have reasons for why we take personal development serious.  But, ultimately, there are only three reasons personal development should matter to you.  These three reasons are found in the three consequences experienced as a result of participating in your self-awareness and growth.  These consequences are:
·         Increased awareness and understanding of who and what you are
·         Increased awareness and understanding of the what the world we inhabit is
·         Increased accountability and responsibility to yourself and the world

Given these three consequences of personal development, the three reasons becoming more self-aware and growing matters are:
·         Understanding who and what you are points to your potential
·         Understanding what the world we inhabit is points to the realm of opportunities
·         Understanding your moral dimension points to the actualization of your potential and the opportunities

Given these three ultimate reasons that your personal development should matter to you, what are you going TO DO?
The key to self-improvement is recognizing the importance of the three reasons.  Understanding who and what you are opens you up to the changes you must make to begin to realize the prosperity and success you desire.  Understanding what the world we inhabit is unfolds the strategies and tools at your disposal to uncover that prosperity and success that is available.  Understanding the moral dimension is how you grasp and inter-act your potential with the realm of opportunities available.
Most self-help ‘gurus’, psychics, pastors, priests, therapists, etc. agree that we all experience moments of ecstasy  and moments of suffering in our lives (there are the moments in between too).  When life is running along smoothly, most of us agree that personal development works.  When life starts to experience bumps and roadblocks along the way is where your personal development is truly tested.  Consider the average ‘religious person’ that participates in their religion.  As a ‘religious person’, you attend gatherings, pray, meditate, perform sacred rituals, etc. so you can, through this faith, live the desired life espoused by the religion of you adopt.  Given that there are many different religions, one does glean that there is a common element among all religions and it is:  personal development matters and is a key heuristic for those that uncover and unfold the desired good life.  Why do you think that is?  It is very simple really.  The three reasons for self-improvement are what provide the foundation for dealing with every opportunity that you encounter, and increasing your potential for the prosperity and success you want.  The ‘newbie’ must recognize and acknowledge that the understanding of whom and what they are, what the world we inhabit is, and the moral inter-action is the path they most want.
You most want to be a moral person.  See, being moral consists of seeking the good life.  You, as one who accepts the importance of personal development, realize it is the key to your success, prosperity, and the attainment of the good life.   Thus, what you want most is to participate in your morality, i.e., your personal development. 
To understand your ‘self’, you must grasp that your ‘me’ has a head while your ‘I’ is headless.